fredag 31 juli 2009

Brunis har sjukt bra rea!!

Tjejerna pa Brunkullan har fatt solsting!!! *fnissar*

Klicka HAR och se vilka fantastiska rabatter de har pa sin sommar-rea!

Jag vagar knappt klicka in mig dar for da blir jag ruinerad av alla godsaker jag vill kopa! :)

If you want to come around for a work shop...

....go to Stampeezee online store and check the calendar out (right hand column!)!

I will be hosting a few workshops in August and would be really happy to get some people gathered to come along and play!!!

The work shops cost £10 but then you get ALL the material you need for the project, as well as nattering and a tutorial! :)

So come along and play!

Hve you seen this....?

Oh my gosh!

CandyshoppeDesigns have done it again! They have a really really really nice blog contest again and I think you really need to check it out!

I am SO going to jump on the oppurtunity this evening, or tomorrow when I am treating myself to some ME-time a.k.a. scrapping time!

Click HERE and go look at their contest/blogcandy!

tisdag 28 juli 2009

Come on over....

....and check THIS out!!! It is an absolutely amazing give-away from Candy Shoppe Design!! If you haven't eneter you really should do that ASAP!!!

Candy Shoppe Designs: Aloha!

I just love the look and feel of that Blog. Very colourful, retro and inspiring blogger! Love it *heart*

måndag 27 juli 2009

I am going to continue....

....this blog in English for a bit. I will occasionally post things in swedish of course, but seeing I am now in England and also have a few scrapping things happening here I like to continue my blog in English! Hope the Swedes will stay with me anyway!!!

First of all - I want to direct you to a lovely scrapping store here in England. It is called Stampeezee and is run by a lovely lady dalled Debbie. In august and during the autumn I will be having smoe workshops there and if you are around I hope you would like to come join. If you go to the webpage there is a calendar down to the right, and there you get all the details you need! Call or mail Debbie and reserve a spot TODAY! :)

Second of all I would like to announce the winner of my sketch-competition a bit further down in the blog. Thank you girls for all your lovely work - it is so nice to see how you all interpret my sketch and the "rules"!!

By use of I got the following number...

When looking at the comments the winner is:


with this absolutely GORGEOUS layout!!!

mail me your address and I will send a little something as a prize to you!

That is all for now girls and boys! I will hopefully update this sadly forgotten blog a bit more frequent now when I have refound my crafting/scrapping-joy!!

Tata for now!

They are doing it.....


Check out Starving Artiststamps new Doodle Factory!! OH...MY:... I want them, I want them ALL!!!

So I also want to try to win them! To join, just click the link above and join you too!!

söndag 26 juli 2009


....guys and gals! You HAVE to check this blog out. It is not only extremly pretty (I like pink, remeber?) but it is full of inspirations and give-aways!! It is called Candy Shoppe designs and is run by a lady called Lynnette! I am so happy I found it - it rocks!

Surf on over and check it out - I am already a follower - come on and join you too!!!

Quickutz Alfabet till salu! *kom och kööööööp*

Ok jag rensar i mina QK-gömmor och gör mig av med alfabet...

Biography Classic - 1000kr
Sophisticate inkl diesen, men inte lådan med grejer till - 650kr
CK Typist (retired sedan lääääänge) inkl några dies (cirkel, fyrkant och kapsyl) - 850kr
Moxie Classic - 750kr
Diesel Classic - 1000kr

Svara här i kommentarerna eller skicka mig ett mail på a.prestwich(snabel-a)

Jag tillämpar eventuellt mängdrabatt och portot är enligt portotabeller! :)

fredag 17 juli 2009

For all of you that want a challenge!!

On the Nook Forum there was a thread started by Zarischka, about perhaps having a little crop/challenge/sketch this weekend. She is very lucky though, she is having scrapbookingcompany ALL weekend from Knin and Hattifnatt!! I am guessing her crafts room will be VERY well used!!

So this is my challenge to you - I have made a sketch (seen below) and I want you to scrap, make a card or alter or a canvas from that. The only other rule is that you need to use more than THREE patterned papers!

The challenge will close on Monday the 20th of July at 9.00 GMT.

When you have finished you post a comment to this post, and link to your created masterpiece!

I will give away a little prize to someone that I will randomly generate from your comments number!

So, are you still here?? Off you go to the scrapping table!!

söndag 12 juli 2009

Ett underbart blogcandy...

... finns att hitta HÄR

Kolla IN vad hon blog-candy-ar bort! *dregglar ohämmat*

Jag vill verkligen vinna det där, så jag passar på att länka till det och hoppas att ni inte klickar er vidare och gör samma sak *fnissar*

söndag 5 juli 2009

Jag vet att jag suuuuuuuger.....

..... på att uppdatera här i bloggen.... Och inget har jag att skylla på heller, förutom att jag går i skolan, försöker mig på att jobba på min kondition genom att träna, och även njuta lite av sommaren som verkar ha kommit hit!

Det jag däremot har gjort i helgen är att jag pysslat en del med Tettiz som är här och hälsar på. I äkta DrAnnika-och-Tettiz-anda har jag även rensat lite bland mina pysselsaker. Det borde vara förbjudet att vara en sådan hamster som jag är!!!

Jag har därför satt igång att rensa bland mina QK alfabet. Jag har ALLDELES för många som ligger och samlar damm då jag, liksom många andra pysslare, ser charmen med de nya sakerna och vill ha dem istället!

Om du kollar in HÄR så kan du se vad jag säljer på Tänkte att jag även lägger ut listan här, om det är något som intresserar dig, så skicka antingen ett mail/kommentar här eller gå in i tråden på och skriv upp det där!

1. Diesel Classic 1000kr (inkl frakt)
2. Tangerine Classic 1000kr (inkl frakt)
3. Sophisticate inkl shapesen men inte lådor och pryttlar 600kr (inkl frakt)
4. Lucy Classic komplett 1000kr (inkl frakt)
5. Fiesta Cookie Cutter Classic 900kr (inkl frakt)

Så kom och köp nu, om du tycker att priset är för högt, ge mig ett bud så ser vi vad vi kan komma överens om!

Nu återgår jag till pysselbordet!!

*skickar slängpussar via internääääätet*