måndag 27 juli 2009

I am going to continue....

....this blog in English for a bit. I will occasionally post things in swedish of course, but seeing I am now in England and also have a few scrapping things happening here I like to continue my blog in English! Hope the Swedes will stay with me anyway!!!

First of all - I want to direct you to a lovely scrapping store here in England. It is called Stampeezee and is run by a lovely lady dalled Debbie. In august and during the autumn I will be having smoe workshops there and if you are around I hope you would like to come join. If you go to the webpage there is a calendar down to the right, and there you get all the details you need! Call or mail Debbie and reserve a spot TODAY! :)

Second of all I would like to announce the winner of my sketch-competition a bit further down in the blog. Thank you girls for all your lovely work - it is so nice to see how you all interpret my sketch and the "rules"!!

By use of random.org I got the following number...

When looking at the comments the winner is:


with this absolutely GORGEOUS layout!!!

mail me your address and I will send a little something as a prize to you!

That is all for now girls and boys! I will hopefully update this sadly forgotten blog a bit more frequent now when I have refound my crafting/scrapping-joy!!

Tata for now!

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