torsdag 13 augusti 2009

And again gents and gals....

.....don't forget to check this blog out. It is absolutely FULL of inspiration and funny happenings!

I'm a follower....are you? :D

Check this out!

Have you checked our wonderful Zarahs blog lately...?

She have an amazing challenge/competition/give away going on which I am more than happy to promote in my blog!

So, what you do is that you go to THIS page - follow the instructions, and then start waiting and crossing your fingers that YOU might be the lucky one who wins!!

So off you go and promote and guess about how many flowers are in the jars!!!

måndag 10 augusti 2009

English it was....

I forgot - I am supposed to write in english!!

I thought I could update with a few things that I have made lately - I have showed them on a few places already, but I want them here too!

The following stuff is for the upcoming workshops at Stampeezee:

We will have two workshops (19th and 25th of aug) where we will be making cards as these two! There are still room left so just call or email Debbie for a space!!

The following thing is also for a workshop and it is a gift for when you get invited for dinner and you want to give the host/hostess something instead of a flower or so!

This workshop will be held on the 27th of august and there are still a few spots left, so come and join!

Apart from these things I have been doing quite a few cards and layouts lately, I will just spam them here in my blog, without any particular order or lists of used stuff - I just want to show you! :)

Tata for now ladies and gents :)