onsdag 30 september 2009

A real darling...

...and her son is on this next layout.
My darling friend Stina let me scrap a few of her pictures during our scrapping weekend in Kolbäck. I don't know what it is, but I usually enjoy scrapping another person's photos sometimes - probably because they are different, and not the same old same old that I scrap myself...

Anywho... this layout is the result of a photo from Stina, and a sketch from Wildärtan. It was a challenge that Karlssons Scrapperi was hosting during the crop.

Material list:

White and black cardstock from Bazzill
Patterned paper from October Afternoon
Flowers ad leaves from Petaloo and Prima
Buttons from the never-ending-button-bag
Black Scrappers Floss
Bling from KARS (can be found in Stampeezee's webstore!)
Black blingswirl from The Nook monthly kit

Thats it for now my darlings!

tisdag 29 september 2009

My darling little rascal.... ;)

For those of you who don't know it... Tettiz's daughter Kajsa is my "niece" (Well, it is perfectly logical seeing Tettiz is my "sister"!)! She is a little sunshine, with lots of personality and adorability (new word - live with it...).

When I was in Kolbäck for the scrapping crop last weekend I got a photo of Kajsa to scrap. Me and Tettiz had both got a bit stuck and we needed to get going. There is nothing that gets the two of us going as a 30-minute challenge. You get 30 minutes to do a layout, which means there is not much time to sit and think. Just do it, like they say at Nike...

The result is shown below and I am pretty pleased :D

The text says:
"You are aunties beloved rascal! This picture is taken in April 2009 when you were given rice to eat. Well, most of the rice got stuck to you face and hair, but anyway....!"
Then the title is a word-game that is not easy to translate or explain - you just have to take my word for it when I say I was being funny :D

Material list:
  • CS from Bazzill (white and black)
  • Patterned paper from Basic Grey "Indian Summer"
  • Flower and bling from Prima and Kaiser Craft
  • Thickers from American craft (Daiquiri and Patchwork)
  • Round alphabet stickers from Jenni Bowlin
  • My own handwriting and Fluid Chalk (Chestnut roan)

måndag 28 september 2009

The Maid and Matron of Honour....

At our wedding Tettiz thought it was a bit silly to be called a "maid" seeing she is married and have a daughter. Adam's mother then told her, that it is called a matron of honour if that is the case! We thought this was rather funny, and it has become a bit of an in-joke with us after that!

I haven't really been scrapping a lot of the wedding pictures yet, mainly because I am scared I will scrap them and then get very disappointed with it, seeing wedding pictures are so precious and need a certain "feeling" to it. Well, I have put that fear aside now, and started scrapping them. It is so much fun, and brings out so many memories!

This is one of my favourite pictures of my sister and Tettiz as they are walking into the church with me and my dad!

This is made after a sketch of AlienBling - Thanks hun for the inspiration!!

Material list:
(Lots of it from Scrapbook Nook monthly kit!)

Cardstock (White & cream) from Bazzill
Patterned paper from Pink Paislee
Flowers, swirl, pearls, and centre piece (in one flower) from Prima Marketing
Bling from Kaiser Craft
Black chipboard alpha from Pink Paislee
Black and white mini alphabet stickers from Making Memories
My own handwriting

Tata for now lovvies!

söndag 27 september 2009

More than one year ago....

....we were standing in the church, promising each other to be forever together. I can still remeber the whole ting, the song sung by my cousins, how you looked and how I felt! We had a day we will remeber forever, and we see that as a beginning of our life together!

I was thinking about how quickly this year has passed, when I was making this layout! It is already more than a year ago!! Amazing, and insane!! I made this when I was away last weekend, and I used mainly the Scrapbook Nook Kit again - the colours are warm and suitable for these pictures! I like!

Material list:
Cardstock Bazzill
Patterned paper from Pink Paislee
Pearl swirl and pearls from Prima Marketing
My own hand writing
Thickers from American Crafts (Mirror Mirror)
Rubons from Pink Paislee
See-through Sticker from Pink Paislee
Circle Mini alphabet stickers from Jenni Bowlin

I still have to pinch myself, that I got HIM. My darling husband, who loves me unconditionally, and that is ok with me being all over the place, travelling around to different scrapping conventions and that has a mind that is all over the place. I do love him, more than anything else! A true blessing!!!

Tata for now dolls!


....my husband!

Right now I'm torn. I do enjoy being in Sweden, being close to friends and family and being able to enjoy the Swedish nature and things again. But I don't feel completely happy, when I can't share it with the one person that makes me whole. There is so many things I miss from England, apart from "Him indoors".... My kitty cats, my bed, Starbucks, my desk and all things I take for granted when I am there. I am trying to think about what a great experience this is for me, I'm learning so much in the hospital and the working environment is so much better than in England, but still, no Husband..

Well at least countdown is initiated... In less than two weeks I will be standing close to the bridge between Sweden and Denmark, waiting for The Knight on his White Horse... or more like pearl gray Jag, but nevermind ;)

Miss you bunsy, sooo much!

Sorry for the ranting and sulky blog post, but I just needed to get it off my chest I think!
Tataaa for now!!

lördag 26 september 2009

Autumn is here...

....I can feel it when I go to work in the mornings. The first frost nights are not far away now! I do, however, like autumn and winter and I love the colours that come out now. And to top it off, I have my birthday in November! *smiles*

I got my last Scrapbook Nook Kit and I love it - the colours are amazing, and I have already made a few things with it!

This is a good-to-have-card that I can take if I need to send someone a card for some reason! I love the colours here too, and I have to say that the Ladies over at the Nook know their stuff!

Material List:
(Mainly from the kit actually!)
Cardstock: Bazzill normal, and swiss dotted brown cardstock
Patterend Paper from Pink Paislee
Rectangle with "Autumn Wishes" from Pink Paislee
Flowers and Leaves from Prima Marketing
"Dots" made with Pearl Makers (Avaliable at Brunkullan!!)

Thanks for looking everyone - I really do apprechiate you coming over and checking my site out!

Tata for now!

fredag 25 september 2009

Card time!

I have not only been doing layouts, but also done a few cards.

Here is one card I started when I was visiting Tettiz - but that I finished while I was visiting Malin!

I started out by colouring the lovely lovely dressy Anya stamp with the Copics pens. (You can ind these stamps in Debbie's shop Stampeezee!!) After I had done that I mounted it and decorated it as you see below:

Material list:
Cardstock: Bazzill
Patterend Paper: Bo Bunny
Flowers and leaves Prima Marketing
Letters Bo Bunny
Bling from KARS (which can be found HERE at Stampeezee!)

I hope you like it, and I will get back later with more cards and layouts!

Tata for now!

torsdag 24 september 2009

Another layout....

....of my dear friend Malin! You and me, we are very much alike, and aloud :D Even though you are a rock chic, who loves AC/DC and can party way way way more than I can ever do, you have a heart of gold!

I made this layout when I was visiting said Malin, and I really liked how it turned out!

Material List:

Cardstock: Light pink Bazzill
Patterned paper: Basic Grey Indian Summer
Black bling stones from Kaiser Kraft, Black bling swirls from the latest Scrapbook Nook monthly pack, flowers from unknown source, center piece from Prima Marketing, chipboard letters from Pink Paislees latest series (can be bought HERE at Brunkullan!!), and my own handwriting!

Thanks for looking people - hope you like it!!

onsdag 23 september 2009

I have been...

....very busy, and that is the reason to why this blog gets sadly forgotten inbetween updates!

But on the bright side... I have also been very busy scrapping and cardmaking!!

First I went to Tettiz for a long weekend of girly fun! Her Husband was away and we were bumming around, scrapping, watching TV, eating jummy food and playing with Tettiz daughter Kajsa! (My "niece")

During my time in Stockholm I made tons of things, and I will show you a bit at the time :D

The weekend after that, which is the weekend that just passed, I went to Lillpiga and visited her in her new house A.K.A castle! We had a really nice time, and on saturday we met up with 20 other scrapping crazy ladies and had a crop over 12 hours. I was insanely productive there as well. However, I created layouts with other people's photos so I didn't get so many things with me home, seeing I gave the layout to the owner of the picture! (Hopefully I will get some pictures anyway so that I can show you!)

But now, lets start with a layout I did last weekend :) It was a challenge from Tettiz and it was to create something using BLACK, WHITE and PINK only! Here is my layout:

Material list:
Cardstock: Bazzill Black and White
Pink diecut-paper from Basic Grey (Lemonade series)
Buttons and Ribbon form a monthly kit from Paper Poisies
Mini alfabet stickers from Making Memories
White Thickers (Daiquiri)
Flower (mini roses and bigger flowers) from Prima Marketing

That was it for now - you just have to stay tuned for more jummyness in the blog! I promise you I will give my blog some more loving from now on!


onsdag 16 september 2009

I TOLD you so....

I told you yestreday you were in for something exciting in this blog today :)

Truth of the matter is that it is not ONLY in my blog but it starts over here!

Over at CandyShoppe Designs there is a fabulous bloghop!! *throwing confetti and doing a happy dance!*

Ok, click on the link above, go and read about the bloghop and the rules and then start your way through the list of blogs. On each blog you will find a new step!

You will find Step number 10 here

You are now ALMOST done!
It is time to add a title to the layout!! there are no rules to how this should look, or where on the layout it should be!
If you want, you can also add some journaling! At least add the date when the picture was taken - it is SOOOOOO valuable when you go back and look at your layouts years later!

In my own layout I did like this:

Have you done it...? In that case it is time to get back to C.S.D. and post a comment and a LINK to your finished layout!!


The deadline for this challenge is 28th of sept - so get to your scrapping places and start creating!!

And have you seeeeeeen the prize.....?
It is sponsored by the fabulous Studio Calico! I am definately soooo disappointed I can't participate in the contest!!!

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

The fine print for the contest can be read on the CSD Blog but I post them here as well, so that you know them!

1. You must complete the Blog Hop in the order listed below. Please do not skip over anyone. If you find that there is a dead end somewhere through the Hop please wait a little bit as we are all on seperate time zones.
2. After each Lollipop Girl's Blog you visit you will be directed back here to C.S.D. to check-in. CHECK-IN by leaving a COMMENT under this post letting us all know 1 thing you have learned about that particular Lollipop Girl you just visited that you never knew beforehand. Also, let us know how you are coming along with your layout and anything else you'd like to share.
3. You MUST follow the SIMPLE STEP that each Lollipop Girl lays out for you. In the end of it all you should have a completed layout with YOUR interpretation of the SIMPLE STEPS we gave you.
4. You MUST enter the layout you completed during the Blog Hop into the Challenge for the Lollipop Guild Kit Blog Candy. You may create as many layouts as you'd like by doing the Blog Hop over again for extra chances at winning.

tisdag 15 september 2009

Surprise surprise.....

.....soon there will be a big, fun, exciting challenge on this blog...

Oh, you want to know what
? Sorry girls and boys, can't tell yet.... But stay tuned - tomorrow there will be something exciting here!!! :D

*stops teasing and goes back to resting after a long day at the hospital*

söndag 6 september 2009


Ok, so I have been home in Sweden for a week now and I am absolutely exhausted!

First it was an interesting trip home, seeing I ended up in the check-in-desk from Hell. I had 2 kilograms too much in my bag and my handluggage was on the limit to what was allowed. The snooty lady told me I HAD to unpack some things because it was too heavy. Well ok, then but I have never ever experienced that they have argued over 2 kilograms before... Never mind. Luckily Adam was with me so that he could take some stuff out of the bag and then into a box and ship it over with the post instead. BUT the response when I went back to the checkin was priceless...
"Well I hope you haven't put the things in you hand luggage now, because it was almost too heavy as well. Do I need to weigh your hand luggage again....?"
I almost had a hizzy fit on the spot... Luckily Adam calmed me down and bought me a Latte from Starbucks at the airport.

I arrived in Sweden on the sunday, and was picked up at the airport by my mother. We drove home, had some dinner and aimed to get an early night. I was up a bit too late, but finally got to bed and had a decent nights sleep!

On monday morning I reported to the administrative person at the Medicine ward at the hospital. She had sorted a lot of things out for me and I got logins for the computers, a bleeper and some other important papers. After that it was the morning meeting at 8.00 and then off to the ward to start working. The first day was rather busy and I had tons to learn and take in. Exhausted in the evening and crashed rather early.

Tuesday to friday went by extremly quickly. Every day I got more and more confident and by the end of the week I was having my own rounds, doing all the examinations, talking to the patient, planning management etc. I even got to have my own discharge talk with a patient and her relatives! It feels really good to be trusted and not having to ALWAYS run to your supervisor to ask for permission. Of course I wouldn't do anything I wasn't allowed, but you catch my drift!

I was absolutely shattered when the weekend arrived and I fell asleep before ten on friday. I didn't get up until 11 on satudray and went down shopping for clothes around lunchtime on saturday. In the evening I went to my dad and had crayfish and jummy omelette and then watched a movie! Really nice, and very tired when I got home...

Today I slept til 11.30 (!?!?!?! Wtf....) and after that I have been busy doing tons of things. I took mom for a walk, went and did the weekly shopping, cleaned the car, including vacuming it inside, and then I defrosted mom's freezer. Oh my god that was well needed. It hadn't been done in ages and I had to throw quite a bit away seeing it was mainly dried out and gone so to speak. During that I also prepared some snacks bags for the week, with nuts, dried fruit and pumpkin seeds. Good to keep with you when you get hungry in between meals. Better than eating jummy swedish chocolate, that's for sure!

Tonight I will try to get an earlyish night, but have some studying to do as well. I hope mom will make some dinner so that I can focus on my studying. Need to make a bit of a plan for the week as well. I was hoping I would be able to go and get some exercise done, but not sure where at the minute. I dont't think I want to pay for 2 months at the nice gym, seeing I will not be using it that much. I might check out Friskis&Svettis here in town and go to that. Usually very good and not too expensive!

Ok, I have to get going now, otherwise I will not get done, I know me ;) Tata for now!! :)

onsdag 2 september 2009

I had to strip....

Ok, it is not any where NEAR as dirty as you thought *smiles*

One of our challenges for CandyShoppeDesigns was to "Strip". The instructions were to strip something and use on a layout. After a bit of soul searching and thinking I decided to strip my chocolate box, inside and out, and use as strips on my layout! The result is seen below but it doesn't end there....

Over at our favourite blog the Striptease 101 Challenge has started! Head over and check it out and join as well.

The more strip-ing the merrier...? :D


I have been in absolute shock for a few weeks and now I can FINALLY tell you guys!!

I sent a Design Team application to this amazing lady, called Lynnette, a few weeks ago. Zarah sent me a link to this really nice blog and told me that I should apply there, because it seemed to be something I would like, and was she right or WHAT?

Lynnette, who is the owner of the blog, mailed me and told me I was elected to be on the design team as a Lollipop Girl and I have been walking around dieing to tell you about this ever since!!

The blog is now launched and there are tons of challenges, and goodies and giveaways and...and.....and.... a whole lot of talent! The other Lollipop Girls are amazing artists and I am soooooo happy I made the team!! If you don't recognize me, I can be found as Pink Cocoa/Coffee bean (the Judges are still out on the final name ;) )

So, are you actually still here???? Aren't you supposed to surf to the site to check all the good stuff out?? :) And hey, do what I did - swtart following the blog - then You won't miss a thing!