onsdag 16 september 2009

I TOLD you so....

I told you yestreday you were in for something exciting in this blog today :)

Truth of the matter is that it is not ONLY in my blog but it starts over here!

Over at CandyShoppe Designs there is a fabulous bloghop!! *throwing confetti and doing a happy dance!*

Ok, click on the link above, go and read about the bloghop and the rules and then start your way through the list of blogs. On each blog you will find a new step!

You will find Step number 10 here

You are now ALMOST done!
It is time to add a title to the layout!! there are no rules to how this should look, or where on the layout it should be!
If you want, you can also add some journaling! At least add the date when the picture was taken - it is SOOOOOO valuable when you go back and look at your layouts years later!

In my own layout I did like this:

Have you done it...? In that case it is time to get back to C.S.D. and post a comment and a LINK to your finished layout!!


The deadline for this challenge is 28th of sept - so get to your scrapping places and start creating!!

And have you seeeeeeen the prize.....?
It is sponsored by the fabulous Studio Calico! I am definately soooo disappointed I can't participate in the contest!!!

Host unlimited photos at slide.com for FREE!

The fine print for the contest can be read on the CSD Blog but I post them here as well, so that you know them!

1. You must complete the Blog Hop in the order listed below. Please do not skip over anyone. If you find that there is a dead end somewhere through the Hop please wait a little bit as we are all on seperate time zones.
2. After each Lollipop Girl's Blog you visit you will be directed back here to C.S.D. to check-in. CHECK-IN by leaving a COMMENT under this post letting us all know 1 thing you have learned about that particular Lollipop Girl you just visited that you never knew beforehand. Also, let us know how you are coming along with your layout and anything else you'd like to share.
3. You MUST follow the SIMPLE STEP that each Lollipop Girl lays out for you. In the end of it all you should have a completed layout with YOUR interpretation of the SIMPLE STEPS we gave you.
4. You MUST enter the layout you completed during the Blog Hop into the Challenge for the Lollipop Guild Kit Blog Candy. You may create as many layouts as you'd like by doing the Blog Hop over again for extra chances at winning.

4 kommentarer:

  1. wow, what a spectacular page. So romantic and I adore that photo! I am so thrilled to be working alongside you on CSD. We are going to have so much fun!

  2. I always love the colors you decide to work with. You have such great taste and those flowers...mmm! This is such a great layout!

  3. Thank you darling for letting me know I forgot you!!! The layout is super delicious! I do so love vintage with deep reds and creams!

  4. Love the colors on your layout - very pretty!