onsdag 2 september 2009


I have been in absolute shock for a few weeks and now I can FINALLY tell you guys!!

I sent a Design Team application to this amazing lady, called Lynnette, a few weeks ago. Zarah sent me a link to this really nice blog and told me that I should apply there, because it seemed to be something I would like, and was she right or WHAT?

Lynnette, who is the owner of the blog, mailed me and told me I was elected to be on the design team as a Lollipop Girl and I have been walking around dieing to tell you about this ever since!!

The blog is now launched and there are tons of challenges, and goodies and giveaways and...and.....and.... a whole lot of talent! The other Lollipop Girls are amazing artists and I am soooooo happy I made the team!! If you don't recognize me, I can be found as Pink Cocoa/Coffee bean (the Judges are still out on the final name ;) )

So, are you actually still here???? Aren't you supposed to surf to the site to check all the good stuff out?? :) And hey, do what I did - swtart following the blog - then You won't miss a thing!

7 kommentarer:

  1. True that. Goodness = you I mean. :)
    CONGRATS babe!

    ..."I told you so".
    See. It CAN be used in a nice way! :D

  2. oops! My bad! LOL I drink hot cocoa and must have had it on my mind when I typed your name. I made the change though just now when I realized it. heehee. Thank you Zarah for pointing her our way. We're SO glad to have her on the team!

  3. Congrats on making the DT! Lynnette made a great decision in picking you! LOVE your layout--it's gorgeous! Great idea for your lollipop name too. :) I'm a fellow coffee and choc"aholic" too. Hehe..
    Raspberry Dazzle

  4. Åhhhh vad roligt!! Stort grattis, de kunde inte gjort ett bättre val ♥

  5. congrats on making the DT! Beautiful LO!

  6. Congratulations! Glad to see the girls in Coventry are rocking the design teams! So deserved too. Look forward to seeing your work on CSD.