söndag 6 september 2009


Ok, so I have been home in Sweden for a week now and I am absolutely exhausted!

First it was an interesting trip home, seeing I ended up in the check-in-desk from Hell. I had 2 kilograms too much in my bag and my handluggage was on the limit to what was allowed. The snooty lady told me I HAD to unpack some things because it was too heavy. Well ok, then but I have never ever experienced that they have argued over 2 kilograms before... Never mind. Luckily Adam was with me so that he could take some stuff out of the bag and then into a box and ship it over with the post instead. BUT the response when I went back to the checkin was priceless...
"Well I hope you haven't put the things in you hand luggage now, because it was almost too heavy as well. Do I need to weigh your hand luggage again....?"
I almost had a hizzy fit on the spot... Luckily Adam calmed me down and bought me a Latte from Starbucks at the airport.

I arrived in Sweden on the sunday, and was picked up at the airport by my mother. We drove home, had some dinner and aimed to get an early night. I was up a bit too late, but finally got to bed and had a decent nights sleep!

On monday morning I reported to the administrative person at the Medicine ward at the hospital. She had sorted a lot of things out for me and I got logins for the computers, a bleeper and some other important papers. After that it was the morning meeting at 8.00 and then off to the ward to start working. The first day was rather busy and I had tons to learn and take in. Exhausted in the evening and crashed rather early.

Tuesday to friday went by extremly quickly. Every day I got more and more confident and by the end of the week I was having my own rounds, doing all the examinations, talking to the patient, planning management etc. I even got to have my own discharge talk with a patient and her relatives! It feels really good to be trusted and not having to ALWAYS run to your supervisor to ask for permission. Of course I wouldn't do anything I wasn't allowed, but you catch my drift!

I was absolutely shattered when the weekend arrived and I fell asleep before ten on friday. I didn't get up until 11 on satudray and went down shopping for clothes around lunchtime on saturday. In the evening I went to my dad and had crayfish and jummy omelette and then watched a movie! Really nice, and very tired when I got home...

Today I slept til 11.30 (!?!?!?! Wtf....) and after that I have been busy doing tons of things. I took mom for a walk, went and did the weekly shopping, cleaned the car, including vacuming it inside, and then I defrosted mom's freezer. Oh my god that was well needed. It hadn't been done in ages and I had to throw quite a bit away seeing it was mainly dried out and gone so to speak. During that I also prepared some snacks bags for the week, with nuts, dried fruit and pumpkin seeds. Good to keep with you when you get hungry in between meals. Better than eating jummy swedish chocolate, that's for sure!

Tonight I will try to get an earlyish night, but have some studying to do as well. I hope mom will make some dinner so that I can focus on my studying. Need to make a bit of a plan for the week as well. I was hoping I would be able to go and get some exercise done, but not sure where at the minute. I dont't think I want to pay for 2 months at the nice gym, seeing I will not be using it that much. I might check out Friskis&Svettis here in town and go to that. Usually very good and not too expensive!

Ok, I have to get going now, otherwise I will not get done, I know me ;) Tata for now!! :)

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  1. Hey sweetie glad you got home safe, hope you have a lovely break at home, look forward to you coming back for more classes as Stampeezee.



  2. Spännande resa det där! Jag hade inte förstått att du hade praktik här i Sverige, men det låter ju som om det går bra för dig :D Vilket sjukhus är du på? *kram*

  3. Välkommen hem!
    Önskar bara att "hem" vore samma som förut ;-)
    Låter som om du har det rätt busy, men kul på praktiken. Hoppas att det fortsätter i samma anda :-)

    Saknar dig mer än någonsin! Försöker att tänka på dina visdomsord :"Keep it simple, stupid" eller hur var det nu?

    Massor av kramar från norr

  4. Myran: Jojomensan serru. Efter mååååånga papper, ännu fler stämplar och massa lovord om Medicinkliniken här i lilla Skövde, fick jag åka hem och göra en placering. Trivs jättebra, MAVA är bra för mitt korta attention-span typ :P

    Forskarmamman: Jag saknar dig med och önskar jag fanns närmare att hjälpa och avlasta nu när du skriver satan. Det suger purjo att inte vara närmre! Om du vill kan du skicka hit knoddsen ;)

  5. Det är otroligt krävande att sätta sig in i procedurer och regler på en ny avdelning på ett nytt sjukhus - och ännu mera så när man är i ett "nytt" land! Förstår att du har varit sliten, men kul att höra att du trivs så bra i alla fall! Kraaaam!