måndag 19 oktober 2009

Watch your f*ing language!!

Ok, the ladies over at the CSD blog, have never ever said they were average or like everyone else. When this challenge ended up in my mailbox I laughed out loud - and got an insane idea!!

The Challenge was:

This "Watch Your Language!" Challenge will change your whole outlook on Paper Crafting, I assure you!
Just how so? Well, I'm going to have you all dig deep down and let her out. We're all women, I want to hear some roaring!

"WTF!" "OMG!" We're all a little guilty and have let it slip, most of the time without even realizing it. I know I have with all these damn computer problems lately. LOL So, what's wrong with putting it down on paper? Nothing! Bad words exist.

I'm going to start you off with a little test to see where you are all at "mind-wise" for this.

I'm thinking of a word that starts with F- and ends in -UCK. There are two obvious answers to this. For those of you who thought of a "Fire-Truck" we have a little bit of preparing to do. But if I'm right, the larger percentage of you thought of a different answer. Now am I right or am I right?

Yes, this may be a little iffy BUT....yes, the BIG BUT....that is what a "challenge" is all about! Are you up for it? If so, challenge yourself and think up something you can create in this Paper Crafting realm and use those naughty words!

Keep in mind that you don't need to over-do it. You can use the word "a$$" or "I3!tch" or the s-word, b-word or any other x-word for that matter without sounding too hostile.

If you have little ones and need to be appropriate for their sake feel free to use "symbols" or the word "beep" in place of the bad word. Use your imagination and go away at it! Most of all....have FUN!

This is what I did....

It is a mini-album, dedicated to the people that I sometimes need to describe in bad ways.... Nasty consultants or other people that just does NOT work with me! ;)

Ok, you didn't think I wouldn't challenge you now.... Time for you too ladies!!

These are the rules (as a addition to the challenge I described above!)

Our Sketch Artist, Anam Stubbington, has created this Exclusive Sketch for us here at C.S.D. However, you DON'T need to use it if you have something else in mind.

You DO need to include at least 1 cuss word (or your substitute).

You DON'T need to create a Scrapbooking Layout, any Paper Creation will do.

You DO need to make sure it's linked up with Mr. Linky with "Watch Your Language!" as your post title so that it's easier for the Lollipop Girls to locate it when voting.

You DON'T need to play specifically for the prize if your here just for fun but keep in mind that the winner will be responsible for their own s&h.

You DO need to make sure your Paper Creation is linked up by the DUE DATE which is: Monday, October 26, 2009 if you are playing for the Blog Candy. Otherwise, feel free to share your creations anytime and we may just add it to the Eye Candy gallery at some point.

The WINNER of this challenge will be voted for by the Lollipop Girls of C.S.D. and announced on the blog on Wednesday, October 28, 2009. The WINNER will win a 309 Piece Collection Kit by Sassafras Lass called "Starry Night" from the Life is Beautiful Line.

The blog candy is sponsored by the LOVELY Jill Coody at Memorable Seasons!! Thanks ever so, and check the goodies out - me wants!!!!

Thats it for now ladies - over to CSD to check the challenges and give some lovin to the Lollipop Girls and their creations!!!

fredag 2 oktober 2009

Xmas is coming.....

.....or perhaps not yet, but you HAVE to check THIS out!

*in deep and true awe here* I knew Zarah was goooooood, but this is awesome! And also, take the time and run through the webshop connected to that blog - they have great deals, and good value when it comes to shipping etc!

Even if you are The Grinch you will love this! *promises*


Ok, I have never made any secret of the fact that I am a geek. A nerd-ling in disguise, a geek in mind and body. You see, I have a little saying, I don't know where I read it first so I can't really quote it properly, but guys... Geeks will inherit the earth! Yeeha!

Anywho... drifting off the subject again...

You know the amazing blog I talk to you about from time to time..? It is time to get back there and check their new challenge out...

Look here, it has my name written ALL over it, as usual :)

Geek is the new Black, the alpha and omega, the sun on the sky and all the chocolate-covered macadamias in the new Ben&jerry ice cream!
(Drifting again, I went to B&J icecream bar in Stockholm yesterday - but that is a whole other story!!!)

Ok so the challenge.... here are the rules:

-The base of your Paper Creation should be BLACK. It doesn't have to be all black or even plain black, but black. With that said, you don't have to create a layout. It can be any kind of Paper Creation (a layout, a card, a mini album, an altered item, etc.).
-The title/journaling on your Paper Creation (should you choose to add one) should be WHITE.
-You must include a PLAID, CHECKERED or ARGYLE PRINT and
-You must include an APPLE. It doesn't matter how many.

Already created a Paper Creation that fits into these rules? Awesome! Go ahead and enter it into the Challenge! They don't need to be new.

Due Date: Midnight (est) Monday, October 10, 2009

Wanna se my take on it?

And have you seen the prize?? The lovely ladies over at E.A.D has donated the price!!! It is an awesome kit of vinyl rubon things!! Well drool-worthy!

So are you really still here....? Off to the scrapping table with you....!!

A Photoshop tribute....

....to an AMAZING PS-editor!

This blog notice is going to be just a boasting about my lovely friend who has helped me with tons of pictures!

Quite a few of you have asked me about my photos on my layouts and how I have made them to look that great. Newflash darlings, I am a "PS illiterate" and don't know anything but how to adjust levels and resize. On a good day I might even be able to make a photo black and white, but that is really pushing it.

That is when I call in
the Heavy Artillery... She is an amazingly talented PS editor, and I am in awe about how great she is. At live scrap events I praise her ability to make average looking photos into masterpieces! Are you curious yet...?

It is of course
the darling Zarah - she is the woman I can thank for all these amazing pictures, and also a bit of a rescuing angel when it came to wedding pictures taken by my parent-in-laws!

If you look closer on all my layouts, you can see the intricate details on the photos and the extra frames and things. I am SO GRATEFUL Zarah helps me with this, and have the patience to do so even when she has tons to do herself!

Thank you darling - you are the best!

torsdag 1 oktober 2009

Shoes can be....

....used in a number of different ways. This is Stina's sons way of using his shoes..... Apparently these shoes now stinks from being soaked in the water! J on the other hand was dead chuffed about his smart idea!

Material list:

Red and white cs from Bazzill
Patterned paper from October Afternoon
Journaling label from October Afternoon
Thickers "Subway" from American Crafts
My own handwriting

Isn't he soooo cute? :)

Stay tuned for more scrapping things - I'm on my way to Tettiz for another few days of sister-company, and if I am a good girl during the days and write, I will get to scrap like crazy during the evenings :)