fredag 2 oktober 2009

A Photoshop tribute.... an AMAZING PS-editor!

This blog notice is going to be just a boasting about my lovely friend who has helped me with tons of pictures!

Quite a few of you have asked me about my photos on my layouts and how I have made them to look that great. Newflash darlings, I am a "PS illiterate" and don't know anything but how to adjust levels and resize. On a good day I might even be able to make a photo black and white, but that is really pushing it.

That is when I call in
the Heavy Artillery... She is an amazingly talented PS editor, and I am in awe about how great she is. At live scrap events I praise her ability to make average looking photos into masterpieces! Are you curious yet...?

It is of course
the darling Zarah - she is the woman I can thank for all these amazing pictures, and also a bit of a rescuing angel when it came to wedding pictures taken by my parent-in-laws!

If you look closer on all my layouts, you can see the intricate details on the photos and the extra frames and things. I am SO GRATEFUL Zarah helps me with this, and have the patience to do so even when she has tons to do herself!

Thank you darling - you are the best!

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