torsdag 7 januari 2010

Ohhh another exciting thing going on!

You know The Scrapbook Nook, the ones that supplies us with amazing kits and a whole lot of loooovin' on their forum? Yeah, that's the one!

They are having some exciting news now - they are doing a BLOGHOP and the word is that the prizes are excellent!!

And not only that huns, the community and loving feeling of that forum and people is all you need really!!

So click the picture and go to the Scrapbook Nook Forums and read all about it!!

Hope to see you ladies!!

onsdag 6 januari 2010

Some looooovin'.....

Thanks to CandyShoppeDesigns I have found an amazing scrapstore!

It is called Bluemoon Scrapbooking and the selection and kits are AWESOME!!
When I find places like this I really want you guys to know about it, so please click the blinkie and head over and check all the goodies out!!


The Tim Holtz stuff are to DIE for, as is the Basic grey...and..and...and...!!

And not only that - they have a great blog full of inspiration - go check THAT out as well!!

That's it for now gals!

tisdag 5 januari 2010

Candy Shoppe Designs First Challenge for 2010!!

Ok - if you haven't been over to the CandyShoppeDeisgn blog yet, you are soooo having to go there NOW!

There has been some changes to the design team over there, and there is SO much talent that I always feel in awe, and being so grateful, I get to be one of them as well! I would also like to THANK all the ladies that was there for the first season, and that has now moved on to other projects or DTs! Thanks for all the inspiration and good laughs! And Lynnette - You know I love ya girl!

The first challenge for the year was as follows:
To our very 1st challenge of the New Year. The theme of this challenge is "I" and you are to interpret that however you wish.

My take on the challenge was this:

The text reads:
"After having had a long year full of challenges, hard work, personal achievements, and difficulties I have realised I need to be a bit nicer to ME! If I don't take care of me, noone will thank me, or do it for me! I need to give myself a bit of cred for all the things I do and achieve. My only new years resolution is to take care of ME for once!"

The colours are a bit crap as usual around this time of the year.... *sighs* If anyone have any good tips about how to shot proper photos in the winter time, feel free to educate me!

Ok, if you head over to the blog and start thinking about how YOU want to do this challenge, you can also go and check our sponsor out!!

The lovely lovely Lisa from BlueMoonScrapbooking has yet again amazed us with a wonderful kit for the winner! I am sooo jeallous I can't enter the challenge to win that prize, because that store is FULL of goodies I tell you! Look at all those Tim Holtz goodies.... *drooooling*

Happy New Year 2010!!

Ok, as usual I neglect this blog and then feel so bad about it I have to make up for it by posting lots instead :) All or nothing baby, all or nothing....

Anyhow... It was a tough autumn, with a lot of work, a lot of stress and generally running around like a headless chicken. I did a medical block that I found interesting, but not for me, which meant it took a bit out of me. December FLEW by, and finished with a swenglish christmas at our house (and at the parents-in-laws' house!) with tons of food, candy, presents etc. After that a dear friend of ours came an visited and we had a fairly relaxing week.

I am now back in the hospital - last block before my midexams (!?!?!GAAAAAAAH?!??!) so I think the blog will unfortunately be rather sparsely updated up until then! I will still try though! :)

Ok, that is it for now - I will be back very shortly with some words about the lovely Lollipop Ladies and some challenges for you!