tisdag 5 januari 2010

Candy Shoppe Designs First Challenge for 2010!!

Ok - if you haven't been over to the CandyShoppeDeisgn blog yet, you are soooo having to go there NOW!

There has been some changes to the design team over there, and there is SO much talent that I always feel in awe, and being so grateful, I get to be one of them as well! I would also like to THANK all the ladies that was there for the first season, and that has now moved on to other projects or DTs! Thanks for all the inspiration and good laughs! And Lynnette - You know I love ya girl!

The first challenge for the year was as follows:
To our very 1st challenge of the New Year. The theme of this challenge is "I" and you are to interpret that however you wish.

My take on the challenge was this:

The text reads:
"After having had a long year full of challenges, hard work, personal achievements, and difficulties I have realised I need to be a bit nicer to ME! If I don't take care of me, noone will thank me, or do it for me! I need to give myself a bit of cred for all the things I do and achieve. My only new years resolution is to take care of ME for once!"

The colours are a bit crap as usual around this time of the year.... *sighs* If anyone have any good tips about how to shot proper photos in the winter time, feel free to educate me!

Ok, if you head over to the blog and start thinking about how YOU want to do this challenge, you can also go and check our sponsor out!!

The lovely lovely Lisa from BlueMoonScrapbooking has yet again amazed us with a wonderful kit for the winner! I am sooo jeallous I can't enter the challenge to win that prize, because that store is FULL of goodies I tell you! Look at all those Tim Holtz goodies.... *drooooling*

4 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Dr Annika,

    Fab layout, love the paper, hope you had a great xmas & New year.



  2. Happy New Year Dr. Annika!

    Great post and shout out to C.S.D. & BMS!

    Here's a tip for taking photos of your layouts: Don't use the flash on your camera. This will take out the blair you see in the photos. I used to take photos outside in the daylight during the summer. Then I started taking my pictures in the kitchen because that's where it was brightest. Now that I've moved, I've resorted to taking pictures in the bathroom where it's brightest. Hope this helps.

    Love you too girl!
    Lynnette Davis

  3. Hi Sweet! :)
    Vad duktig du är! Både med ditt löfte och ck! :)
    Ja, tillslut är det ju så... Ta hand om sig själv faktiskt <3 Annars blir det ju pannkaka ;) (smums... hihi)
    TACK för pepp i min blogg! Värmer :)
    Fortsatt lycka till och STOR kram!

  4. Yes you doooo Sweet Annika.