måndag 24 maj 2010

For my swedish readers....

....I have a new blog that you might be interested in.
I have realised that sitting inside, and letting my bum get bigger, is not the key to everything. So for the past 4,5 weeks I have been keeping my exercise going and have enrolled in a jogging/running program.

I have also found a large number of blogs online, where people write about their running, and their goals and thoughts. I thought I would join them, and do the same, and blog about my exercise and how to loose those last kilograms that annoy me ;)

Welcome in!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Sv: Ja jag fattar inte, varför måste det vara ogott liksom? Men jag är imponerad av din disciplin, kan du inte skicka hit lite? ;)

    Härlig joggblogg! Keep up the good work! KRaam

  2. Good Luck my dear, you can do it!!!