tisdag 18 maj 2010

I know....

... I know! I haven't been blogging for quite some time! I think the thing called "life" happened or something ;)

Anyway, it has been an interesting spring, with exams, elective placement in Sweden, lots of scrapping time in Sweden, and now back to England and the senior rotation. On top of that there is workshops at Stampeezee, studying and spending time with husband and the puttycats! I have also restarted my jogging scheme and have a bit of a goal to work for, however I will tell you about that later...!

But like I said - I did do quite a bit of things when I was in Sweden, and I will now try to show you as much fo that as possible *digging in my big blogging-folder full of pictures*

First out is this layout...

I used a lot of things from Prima, and it is a picture taken last fall, at Tettiz's house. Even though the picture isn't perfect in the way that me and Kajsa are not actually looking at Tettiz, who took the picture, I still love the feeling in it!

Thanks for watching folks, I will be blogging more now - promise! :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej söt!
    Vad tusan, ha inget dåligt samvete över att bloggen får ligga på is nu och då...blogga när livet tillåter, när lusten och energin och tiden till det infinner sig!
    Underbar layout med underbara flickor.
    Saknar dig.


  2. Goooorgeous!!!

    En utmaning till dig finns i min blogg - om du har tid, lust och ork! ;)